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Garage Door Spring and Cable Repair

When to Replace Your Garage Door Springs

types of garage door springs - extension and torsionDo you use your garage door more often than your front door? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably answered yes to this question. Think about how many times you raise and lower your garage door in a day. If you open and close your garage door 4 to 5 times a day, you can expect something to go wrong in between 5 and 10 years, and there’s a good chance your springs will be the first parts to go. Most garage doors operate using one of two types of springs: torsion spring systems and extension spring systems.

Common Signs of a Broken Torsion Spring System broken garage door torsion spring

broken garage door torsion springThe following are a several typical signs that you make have a malfunctioning torsion spring system:

  1. Your garage door will be extremely heavy when attempting to manually lift it.
  2. The door’s top section is dented – this sometimes occurs when the motor from the opener keeps trying to pull the door open after the spring has broken. If the door is too heavy, usually the top of the door will take the brunt of it.
  3. You see a gap in the spring – Torsion springs are located over the top of the garage door. When the springs break, it leaves a visible gap. 
  4. You hear a loud bang – When a spring breaks it makes an incredibly loud noise.
  5. The door falls too quickly - If you raise the garage door manually a few feet off the ground, and after releasing the door it quickly falls to the floor, it’s a pretty good warning sign it’s time to replace your springs.

Common Signs of a Broken Extension Spring System

The following are a few common signs that your extension spring system may need repair:

  1. Door movement is jerky – Extension springs are located on each side of the garage door. When an extension spring breaks, the door is no longer being controlled on the broken side which causes the door to jerk as it opens and closes. 
  2. The door opens and closes crooked – A garage door opening unequally, or crooked, is also common because one side no longer has the proper support.
  3. Cables hanging down from the door – Broken extension springs may fall out and hang down visibly in your garage.

Royal Door’s Process for Affordable and Reliable Spring and Cable Repairs

Quality Torsion Spring Replacement

The Royal Difference: We install “Double Life” torsion springs, replace the 2 torsion bearings at the ends of the shaft as well as lube your rollers, hinges and new springs as part of the complete job.

Our friendly technicians weigh your door, verify the door width and height, and use specialized software to engineer the best springs for your door.

We then custom build your springs on our garage door repair truck. Being able to custom build your springs onsite allows for rapid repair as there is no need to reschedule a time for the correct parts to arrive.

Additionally, to further support our quality repair work, we provide a full 5-year parts and labor warranty on your new springs.

Extension Spring Replacement

We replace both extension springs, all four pulleys, and check all your cables for weak spots, replacing where needed. We will also fully service your garage door, rollers, and hinges as part of the complete job.

Need your garage door working quickly? We stock high quality double loop, oil tempered extension springs on our trucks. Contact us today to get your springs replaced properly, safely, and quickly. 

Cable Replacement

A broken garage door cable can ruin your day very quickly since it will render your garage door useless, and even potentially dangerous. To make the repair process as smooth and quick as possible, we carry all the garage door supplies necessary on our trucks to get your door working properly again. If you have a broken cable, do not try to open your door, as you risk further damage. Instead, reach out to us for prompt/friendly service.

Safely Replacing Garage Door Springs or Cables

Replacing your garage door springs is NOT a do-it-yourself project. When a garage door spring breaks they can be extremely DANGEROUS! If you are experiencing springs that are going out, or already out, contact Royal Door today. We respond quickly to safely remedy the situation and get you back to having a safe, working garage door at an affordable price.

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