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Garage Door Repair for Residential and Commercial Doors

garage door repairMost people don’t realize how much actually goes into just simply opening and closing a garage door – until something breaks. Damaged garage opener parts or doors can be a safety hazard and put those who use it at risk. Whether something goes wrong, breaks, or just isn’t operating like normal, let Royal Door help get your garage door running smoothly again.

From a bad roller or hinge to the door laying on your car, we repair it all! Give us a call for a free estimate.

Common Garage Door Repairs

Spring Replacements

garage door spring replacement

Is your garage door not going all the way up? Check your springs! If your springs are broken or separated like the one above, we can fix your issue quickly!

Stretched Springs

garage door spring repair

Do your garage door springs look like their starting to stretch? If so, these springs should be replaced soon before they create much bigger and more expensive problems. We stock our garage door repair trucks to fix your issue quickly and properly.

Opener Repairs

garage door opener repair

A broken garage door cable can ruin your day very quickly since it will render your garage door useless, and even potentially dangerous. To make the repair process as smooth and quick as possible, we carry all the garage door supplies necessary on our trucks to get your door working properly again. If you have a broken cable, do not try to open your door, as you risk further damage. Instead, reach out to us for prompt/friendly service.

Cable Replacement

Royal Door carries all the most common cable sizes stocked in our service trucks. We also have the parts and tools available in our service trucks to custom build any non-standard cables when needed. This avoids needing a secondary appointment to wait for cable replacement parts which makes the process quicker and more affordable for you! All cable replacements come standard with a one-year warranty on the cable replaced.

Pulley Replacement

Garage door pulleys (also known as sheaves) often wear over time and can seize up causing the door to malfunction. If your pully is bad, a common system is that your garage door will shake and shimmy on the way down which will increase the lower the door goes down. Note, you will only find pulleys on garage doors with extension springs, making it a good idea to replace them at the same time as your springs to help prevent any future issues from occurring

Roller Replacement

Does your garage door seem a little too loud or doesn’t run down smoothly? More often than not it’s because your rollers are worn out. Our replacement rollers are 10-ball bearing nylon rollers; some of the quietest rollers out there to provide the smooth operation you would expect from a new door.

Garage Door Section Replacement

Did you, we mean your spouse, accidentally drive into your door? Kids dent it with a baseball? Maybe even hail damage? Royal Door works with a large variety of door manufacturers to better support your needs for replacement sections. Replacing sections is not only the most affordable option, but also makes it so you don’t have to purchase a whole new garage door.

commercial garage door repairs

Commercial Repairs

Our team of garage door repair experts also specialize in repairing and replacing commercial doors, openers, and dock equipment for our commercial customers. If you have a commercial repair project, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation, free quote.

garage door smartphone app

MyQ Smartphone App

Want a garage door opener with Smartphone Controls? Give us a call for all the options today.

Frequently Asked Garage Door Repair Questions

My garage door only opens a couple inches, what’s wrong with it?

Start by looking at your springs and/or cables. Does anything look broken, separated, loose, or abnormal? Give us a quick call and we can help diagnose your issue over the phone.

Why does my garage door start to go down but goes right back up?

If your lights on the ceiling mounted motor unit (garage door opener) blinks, check that your safety eyes are inline and not obstructed with cobwebs, leaves, a trash can, or any other object. Give our garage door repair experts a quick call and we can help diagnose your issue.

Why does my garage door opener make noise, but the door does not move?

This could be due to a myriad of reasons:

  1. Did someone pull the red release cord that connects the door arm to the trolley?
  2. Did someone accidentally lock the garage door?
  3. Does the motor on the ceiling just hum or buzz? Some openers have a start capacitor that will cause the motor to just hum/buzz if they go bad.

If none of the 3 options above solve your issue, you may have a stripped gear inside the opener or in the trolley. If your issue is not listed above, please give us a call for a free estimate on your repairs.

Do you have another issue with your garage door or opener, but aren’t sure what to do? Contact us today, and we can help diagnose your issue.

Annual Garage Door and Opener Maintenance

Annual garage door maintenance and tune-ups are imperative to a healthy and long-lasting garage door! It also helps keep your garage door operations quieter, working properly, and reliable.

Our Residential Tune-up Package Includes

  • Visual inspection of all door and opener parts
  • Full lube job on all rollers, hinges, springs, pulleys and bearings
  • Opener testing
  • Suggest replacement parts if any are worn out. We will quote first before changing any parts.

For more information on our Annual Maintenance packages for residential or commercial, visit our Annual Door and Opener Maintenance page.

Garage Door Repair Services from our Office in Lee’s Summit

Royal Door is here to make sure you don’t break the bank with your garage door repair costs. With us, you get the assurance of quality work and a reasonable price. Contact Royal Door to schedule your door repair today!

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