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Our Financing Options Through GreenSky

GreenSky allows us to offer financing options to our budget conscious customers through two different options. Through these options, we help our customers with the financial investment of new garage door installation projects.

  • 12 months at 0% interest rate
  • 60 months at 6.99% interest rate

About GreenSky – Home Improvement Financing

GreenSky is a growing lending corporation that allows individuals to access loans through a quick and paperless process. Through GreenSky, Royal Door can give its customers home improvement financing options. GreenSky is easy-to-use, offers low interest rates, and has a 6-month purchase window. The 6-month purchase window begins after the approval of your online application. During the 6-month purchase window you can purchase service or products with a qualified home improvement merchant or retailer to complete your garage door installation. Royal Door is already pre-qualified and partnered with GreenSky for your convenience.

After the 6-month purchase window expires, you will no longer be able to make purchases and your account balance will convert to a fixed monthly installment payment for the remaining of your 12 to 60-month loan.

With the GreenSky financing option you can apply quickly, get started fast on your garage door installation, and work with a professional garage door company that you trust. GreenSky has satisfied more than 2.2 Million customers and funded more than $16 Billion in loans.

FAQs About Our Financing Options

Ready to Apply for Garage Door Installation Financing?

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